Dear faculty members and students,

營養學院將於6月30日(四) 14:00-15:30舉辦「1102學期營養學院海外研修講座,學院邀請到現就學於塔夫茨大學(Tufts University)的邱鈺翔同學分享:海外大學申請歷程及在地校園生活,相關講座細節於附件海報,煩請留意。
With this email we want to inform you that College of Nutrition will be holding "2022 TMU College of Nutrition Overseas Study Talk" at 14:00, June 30th, 2022. We are delighted to have Yu-Hsiang Chiu(TMU Alumni Class of 2015) from Tufts University.
Herewith we attach the event poster, and we are kindly invite you to attend this event!
請點連結報名(報名截止日due: 6/28 5PM
Please visit for registration.

In order to make this event meet the needs of the audience, we invite everyone to respond to the form below to help the speaker collect everyone's opinions in advance.


*Remarks: Presentation in Chinese.
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臺北醫學大學營養學院 College of Nutrition, Taipei Medical University