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2020-02-04For the safety and health well-being of Taipei Medical University's students and faculty, the school has postponed the starting date to March 2nd.751
2020-01-31Precautions for the prevention and treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, China523
2019-12-122020 Fall semester international student admission606
2019-12-122020 Spring Semester Course Pre-selection19
2019-11-15Overseas Internships Experience Sharing - Nov. 27th (Wed.) 201945
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2019-08-12Asia-Pacific Health Promotion Workshop52
2019-04-302019.05.01-05.02 Dr. Masamine Jimba guest speech115
2019-03-26Special Speech - Dr. Riediker Michael and Dr. Dai-Hua Maggie Tsai from University of Zurich126
2019-02-2220190307 Special Speech : School of Public Health Career Development164
2015-04-10College of Public Health and Nutrition, Public Speaking357
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2020-01-22Special Speech - Dr. Frank Huang from Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.15
2020-01-21[Canceled]109/02/05-Dr. Caryn Lerman-「The Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center at Keck Medicine of USC.」16
2020-01-15[Rescheduled to March] Instrument Training Course – Introduction of Agilent DD2 600 MHz NMR9
2019-12-20Special Speech - 「Generalization vs. Individualization-What Precision Oncology Really Stands for?」105
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