[Important Notice-Duanwu Even False Access Control]

Poster:Post date:2020-06-17
  [Important Notice-Duanwu Even False Access Control]
1. Access control is carried out on the first floor of each building of the school headquarters during consecutive holidays, and the control time is from 22:00 on 06/24 (Wed) in 2020 to 07:00 on 06/29 (Mon) in 2020
2. During the control period, you need to enter the school with a staff card, student card, or temporary card for approval.
3. Please stay with the staff who are left behind and contact us if you need any assistance:
(1) School headquarters telephone 2736-1661: security personnel (ext. 2905), electromechanical personnel (ext. 2929)
(2) Telephone 6638-2736 of Daan campus: security personnel on the first floor (ext. 1097), B1 electromechanical central control room (ext. 1094)
(3) School Security Center 2736-1100
Thank you for your cooperation!!

Regards, General Affairs Department
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