Informtaiton regarding to Work and Class Status

Poster:Post date:2019-08-08
  HR Important annoucement

Dear All,

According to the CWB, as the marine and atmospheric environment is suitable for typhoon development, Lekima intensified into a strong typhoon.

l  Just a friendly reminder:

1. Don't forget to store adequate supply of food and clean water. Prepare foods that need not be cooked. (Do not stay outside, please head home directly, don't leave the house unless absolutely necessary.)

2. Beware watch out for flying objects or debris. Stay away from hanging wires and unstable structures.

3. For those who rides scooter or u-bike, beware of the strong wind, it is recommend to take the public transportation or Taxi. For those who drives vehicle, please beware of the traffic and keep a safe distance.

***Always keep yourself updated with the latest weather report.

l  Please follow the announcement regarding to Work and Class Status during Natural Disasters from the Central Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan


人力資源處 敬啟
Office of Human Resources

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